I once dated a guy that thought I was shallow for liking food as much as I do.

…and to an extent, I agree with him.

I can go to a restaurant and pay $40 for a meal and love every bite. Yes, I am aware of how many starving children $40 can feed. And being a keen grocery shopper, I am freakishly aware of how much the meal actually costs (i.e. $18 for an app of guacamole at Rosa Mexicana – I just bought 3 avacados for $4 at Fairway).

I have been to some of the poorest, most desolate parts of this world and tasted their food. And what I am drawn to the most is not so much the actual food but the relationship between food and cultures. I created this blog to explore that relationship.

I remember sitting with orphans in south Sudan eating posho (or sorgum, a bland sticky potato-like blob) for breakfast, lunch and dinner unaware that choices exist when it comes to food. I watched them laugh contently as they served each other and knew that they probably wouldn’t care too much if choices did exist.

Perhaps it’s not the luxury of food I am interested in. It is the fact that food is one of our world’s only cultural universals. You don’t have to speak someone’s language to share a meal with them.

Tables are the gathering places of people all over the world. And food is the impetus. I, a New York City local, and resident to the largest melting pot and culinary capital in the world, am exploring this phenomenon, one restaurant at a time. Subscribe and follow my fork as it eats around New York City.

Bon appetit New York City.



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  1. Fred Kohly says:

    One thing about “Susanna Banana” she can find all the great places and is a great judge of food and places. Restaurants take notes!!

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