You know those places that are more notable and praiseworthy than most of the joints you visit – more inspiring and more blogworthy- but why is it that those places that you frequent, you forget to talk, write, or say… blog about? I think it’s like the way your everyday coffee gets labeled “regular joe.”

Well my “regular joe” is lena, the delightful latin café two doors down from the secret-loading-doc-exit out of my building on 35th st. The little place that serves the authentic café con leche this Cuban has looked for 4 years in new york city. The place that has fresh tostones, healthy tofu options, whole wheat wraps, an exposed kitchen, a wood-burning grill, seasonal menus, chalkboard walls and a wonderful owner/chef named Ronny who says hello whenever he sees you. Yes, that’s my regular joe. It’s a foodie’s gem and a breath of fresh air among the stifled lunch (and coffee) options in midtown.

So here you are lena. Bask in the fame of a fork in new york.

hello fresh tofu salad

the sauces. try them all. (but start with chimmichuri)

my favorite part of the restaurant is their cafecito window- just like miami!

exposed kitchen

lena latin grill 34 w. 35th street, new york, ny 10001

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